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Abbotsford Nutritionist - Deficiency in vital nutrients in the diet would cause numerous conditions which fall under nutritional diseases. Usually, these sicknesses can be frequently associated with chronic malnutrition. Conditions such as obesity because of overeating can also significantly contribute to serious health problems. Acute poisoning can be caused by an excessive intake of some nutrients.


When individuals consume too many calories than the amount of exercise being done, those individuals may be more at risk for obesity due to a distorted energy balance. This can also result in other health issues like cardiovascular disease and diabetes. Obesity can lead to various health conditions and an increased mortality.

One of the significant factors in obesity is the normally affordable low-cost food that is accessible to the poor within wealthy countries. These fast foods are low in nutritional value, high in fats and high in sugars and additives. In wealthy nations, obesity is normally regarded as a sign of poverty and malnutrition. Conversely, in poorer countries, obesity is normally linked with wealth and good nutrition. Other causes of obesity consist of: heredity, sleep deprivation, stress and lack of exercise. Too much eating can likewise be a sign of an eating disorder, like Bulimia.

When consuming Goitrogenic foods, there is a risk of developing goitres which are caused by a low uptake of iodine in the body.

Vitamins and Micronutrients

When the body experiences overly high storage vitamin levels, vitamin poisoning may happen leading to toxic symptoms. The various names of the conditions would be derived from the name of the vitamin involved. Like for example, hypervitaminosis A refers to too much vitamin A within the body. Iron overload disorders are sicknesses that happen due to too much iron in the body and the inability for this nutrient to exit, therefore resulting in a dangerous build up. Haemochromotosis is an instance and the organs that may be affected comprise the the liver, the endocrine glands and the heart.


Severe health issues can happen when nutrients are not available to the system. For instance, lack of fats, carbohydrates and proteins can lead to protein energy malnutrition called Kwashiorkor disease. Marasmus and mental retardation may likewise result. When minerals and vitamins are restricted from the food intake to poor nutrition, sicknesses like Calcium Deficiency, Rickets, Iodine Deficiency or Goitre, Beriberi, Tetany, Selenium deficiency, Iron Deficiency or Anemia and Zinc Growth Retardation among others can occur.

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During 1972, Abbotsford merged with the District of Sumas, that made the city the District of Abbotsford. In the year 1995, the District of Matsqui amalgamated with the District of Abbotsford that in turn becomes Abbotsford City.

The are many outdoor adventures and experiences which can be located within the unique urban setting of the Fraser Valley. There is a lot of camping, biking, hiking, and fishing in the region of the Matsquio Regional Park. It can also be a great location to do some parachute jumping to be able to see a bird's eye view of the entire Fraser Valley. Go carts and three mini golf courses at Castle Fun Park is a wonderful location to spend the afternoon. They could also go and visit a working farm, touch all types of animals such as cattle, goats, and fish...